Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just a start

So this is were I will be posting anything to do with PSP graphics.
I may have Tube's up here for grabs or scrapping stuff. going to see how it goes. But all the stuff that I do place up here for you to use are for personal use only. And give credit were credit is due.
Is it free? yes at this time it is. This going to take me a while to get up and running so give me chance. until then have a great Thanksgiving and come back soon.
See the Gingerbread man he is png he can go home with you if you like just right click and save. but watch him he's a runner, lol.
Ok until after Thanksgiving bye.
PS. if you do take old Ginger home leave me a comment.


Lapin said...

Hi Dido,

I really like your BLOG!

I would love to have a gingerbread man for my new blog.

Your new camera ROCKS! I think the pictures look really crisp!


Master Zman said...

Awsome Ginger Bread man!